Wheelfeet | Electric Roller Skates | Motorized Eskates

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Handy Controler with

Regenerative Braking

Whenever you brake by pushing the button down with your thumb, your wheelfeet battery will get charged. It's a process wheelfeet uses to regain kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost during braking and it was firstly used by electric cars. It's also known as "regen braking".

Enjoy Wheelfeet Everywhere!


Fun in the City

Enjoy wheelfeeet for daily commuting in your hometown! Its sturdy construction makes it easy to drive even on rougher paving.


Skatepark & Trails

Give them a try in the local skatepark or cycling trails. Be the first one who introduces eskates in you local community.

Wheelfeet | Electric Roller Skates | Motorized Eskates

Go for a Trip!

Wheelfeet takes you even further than to your work and back. Visit your friend on eskates!

Wheelfeet featured in media

As seen in...

Wheelfeet was featured in the national start-up contest and placed 2nd among huge competition. Wheelfeet was already featured in czech media and is grabbing attention in the international roller skating community.