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Brian Burke
Get yourself some Wheelfeet.

Reason I like them is because they are comfortable, they fit, lock in, quick and easy. You can get out of them quickly too. I like that you able to travel and skate anywhere anytime. Definitely recommend them!

They are amazing!

All of you should try this, it’s amazing. First it was hard to balance but then it was fine, you definitely gonna enjoy it.

They are really cool!

When I heard that they are electric, I had to try them. They are pretty fun! I find them very easy, had very good stability. With the remote control you can control the speed going forward or backward. You can choose how fast you want to go. Thanks to them you have freedom where you can still skate on your own and then you van just use the motor assist.

These skates are amazing, very powerful.

They are really easy to get figure out they work, on my first day I had no trouble. Even the reverse mode was perfect. I could jump with them, they are not too heavy and very fast. It’s great product and I am glad that is on the market.

They are amazing!

Wheelfeet are pretty sturdy and safe. The speed control is perfect, you can go fast, you can stop with it easily, I love them, they are so much fun.

Great way of transportation.

They are very useful, especially in the city when you need to get from point A to point B.

They are great for long distances.

This is definitelly fun. They are great for going long distance, cruising down the boardwalk or bike park. It still feels like roller-skates but you don’t need to use that extra energy to move forward.

Electric Roller Skates



Handy Controler with

Regenerative Braking

Whenever you brake by pushing the button down with your thumb, your wheelfeet battery will get charged. It's a process wheelfeet uses to regain kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost during braking and it was firstly used by electric cars. It's also known as "regen braking".

Discover the Main Features of Wheelfeet Electric Roller Skates

Wheelfeet electric roller skates eskates

Adjustable Bindings

Adjustable bindings are one of the key features of Wheelfeet electric roller skates, enhancing both the comfort and safety of the user. These bindings are ingeniously designed to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes (from 6 to 13 US or from 38 to 47 EU) and shapes, ensuring a snug and secure fit for every rider. The adjustability not only allows for personalized comfort but also improves control and stability while skating, making the experience enjoyable for both beginners and seasoned skaters alike.

Wheelfeet | Electric Roller Skates | Motorized Eskates

Never Miss a Flight Again

Wheelfeet electric roller skates are versatile and can be used in various settings.Electric skates are great for quick urban commutes, like going to work or school. They're also fun for leisurely rides in parks, boardwalks, or skate parks, where you can enjoy smooth paths and do tricks. Students find them handy for getting around campus since they're easier to carry than bikes. Plus, they're perfect for peaceful rides in quiet residential areas. Always check local rules and wear safety gear.

Wheelfeet | Electric Roller Skates | Motorized Eskates

Urban Commuting

Wheelfeet skates are designed to improve urban mobility. Their compact size and electric propulsion make navigating through crowded streets and sidewalks easier than ever. You can weave through traffic, avoid congestion, and reach your destination faster than walking or, in some cases, even driving. Their portability means you can carry them into buildings, offices, or public transport with ease, making them an excellent solution for the first and last mile of your commute.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

In cities increasingly affected by pollution and traffic congestion, Wheelfeet electric skates offer a greener alternative. They emit no pollutants, helping reduce your carbon footprint. Using electric skates for short trips can significantly decrease the reliance on cars, contributing to cleaner air and a more sustainable urban environment.

Wheelfeet featured in media

As seen in...

Wheelfeet was featured in the national start-up contest and placed 2nd among huge competition. Wheelfeet was already featured in czech media and is grabbing attention in the international roller skating community.


Enjoy Wheelfeet Everywhere!


Fun in the City

Enjoy wheelfeeet for daily commuting in your hometown! Its sturdy construction makes it easy to drive even on rougher paving.

Wheelfeet | Electric Roller Skates | Motorized Eskates

Skatepark & Trails

Give them a try in the local skatepark or cycling trails. Be the first one who introduces eskates in you local community.

Wheelfeet | Electric Roller Skates | Motorized Eskates

Go for a Trip!

Wheelfeet takes you even further than to your work and back. Visit your friend on eskates!

Electric Roller Skates FAQ

Electric roller skates are motorized skates that allow you to move an effort. They come equipped with a battery and motor, enabling daily commute, personal transportation and fun leisure activity.